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The essentials KUHN, the best investment for my future.

Your challenges. Our priority.

The stakes of agriculture are increasingly high. How to be more productive while meeting the ever-stricter environmental standards and increase your economic performance?

KUHN is the partner of your future and as such, your challenges are our priority. The AGRITECHNICA is an opportunity to present our solutions that will accompany you in the success of your company.

Here is a sneak preview of the machines and services to discover on our stand.

Mounted reversible plough

VARI-MASTER L Smart Ploughing

The new Ploughing vision

KUHN is adding a new model to its range with the 4 to 6-bodied VARI-MASTER L, in order to adapt to the new range of compact 200 to 300 hp tractors. The MASTER L fills the gap between the MASTER 153 and the 183. Built for contractors and medium-sized farms and for intensive use, MASTER L range is divided in two types of safety: Safe-T and Hydro-Safe. Discover as well all of its advantages like the KUHN patented system 3D Skim for fast and easy settings of the working angles and the one-piece headstock designed to accept up to 300hp.

Your benefits:

  • Exclusive: automatic body-lift system assisted by GPS with Smart Ploughing Lift. A many times awarded innovation.
  • New offset kinematics aligns the plough perfectly for fuel savings and longer-lasting wear parts.
  • Patented adjustment of the angle of attack of the skimmers for better burial of residues.
  • The new arched beam reduces wheel overhang in order to optimise worked areas.

Key equipment


Section Control in ploughing

KUHN continues to innovate by marketing the Smart Ploughing Lift system as early as the fall 2019. This technique incorporates Control Section, a GPS-assisted automatic body lift system on a plough. This innovation has also received multiple international awards including a silver medal at the Agritechnica 2017.

The GPS-assisted automatic body lift on VARI MASTER L ploughs allows sequential entry of the bodies at the end of the plot through geolocation.

KUHN integrates the Control Section in the plough to automatically and individually lift each body through a system completely built in the plough itself. The lift is fully secured by GPS. The geolocation of the plough allows automating the points of entry and exit of the bodies in order to obtain uniform ploughing, regardless of the working conditions and the shape of the plot.

More information

Independent disc stubble cultivator


Wider, faster, stronger

KUHN launches the OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000, a new range of independent disc stubble cultivators with respective widths of 9 and 12 meters. These stubble cultivators meet the requirements of large farms looking for the best performance: high work output, optimal comfort level, a perfect ground tracking system and uncompromising reliability without compromising work quality.

Your benefits:

  • Steady Control provides a perfect ground following with independent frame sections and 4 different gauge wheels in order to control even more your working depth, increase your speed and reduce your fuel consumption.
  • High work output thanks to its 12 meters of working width, its operating speed up to 18 kph, which result in an efficiency of more than 20 ha/h.
  • Improved working quality with one single disc per arm to ensure an overall safety and maintain a high clearance with optimal working angles.
  • Double U roller offers uniform tamping due to the soil-to-soil contact without the risk of clogging.

Key equipment

Steady Control

The Steady Control ground tracking system on the OPTIMER L 9000 and 12000 is a real KUHN exclusive. Each chassis section is independent for perfect ground following. The pressure on the extension cylinders is hydraulically controlled to ensure that the discs penetrate in all conditions. The working depth is kept constant over the entire width of the tool, which reduces fuel consumption.

Four-rotor gyrorake

GA 15131

The Pasture Octopus

Synonymous with high capacity, versatility and impeccable quality of work, KUHN's GA 15131 gyrorake offering a working width of 9.50 to 14.70 m is the basis of an ultra-high performance harvesting chain. It was with this standard machine that the windrowing world record was set on the 26 August in Denmark. Its unique design meets farmers’ requirements in terms of forage quality and comfort of use.

Your benefits:

  • Hydraulic rotor drive: increased cost efficiency through less maintenance as well as more comfort.
  • “Boost” drive on front rotors provides uniform windrows to increase harvesting efficiency.
  • Tailor your windrow from 1.40 to 2.50 m according to forage quantity and pick-up width.

Variable chamber baler

VB 7100 series

Keep ahead

The KUHN VB 7100 series sets a new standard in round baling. The balers offer high performance, producing bales of up to 140 kg/m3 in straw and giving a capacity of up to 30 t/hour in various crop conditions. The heavy-duty design ensures maximum lifetime with minimum downtime.

Where others stop, the KUHN VB 7100 series starts.

Your benefits:

  • High-density bales of up to 140 kg/m3 in straw.
  • High capacity in all circumstances.
  • Maximum lifetime, minimum downtime.
  • Everything for your convenience.

Large square baler

SB 1290 iD

Boost your profitability

With the SB series KUHN releases a new generation of large square balers. Designed to achieve high capacity and high bale weights combined with excellent driver convenience, the balers boost the profitability of your baling operation. The robust driveline makes these balers extremely durable.

The SB 1290 iD produces bales with an extremely high density in all circumstances. The unique TWINPACT double plunger design ensures up to 25% increased density in dry crops, while avoiding high peak loads on the machine.

Your benefits:

  • Up to 25% higher bale density.
  • Intelligent, effective bale compaction.
  • High-density bales, low power requirement.
  • A perfect balance between capacity and density.
  • Extreme robustness and durability.

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MyKUHN, the new on-line customer area

MyKUHN is your on-line customer area. Create your account today and discover how the exclusive services offered by MyKUHN will facilitate the management of your KUHN machine fleet.


188.9 hectares in 8 hours

KUHN has set the Raking World Record: 188.9 hectares in 8 hours, certified by the DLG (Deutsche-Landwirtschaft-Gesellschaft).

Step into the Raking World Record in Denmark. The 4 rotor gyrorake GA 15131 from KUHN’s range of hay & forage making machines set the record, coupled to a 6250R John Deere tractor.


More than 190 years of Excellence

Today, more than ever, we believe in the future of agriculture and our industry. Our 190 years of experience and the commitment of our staff, combined with the performance of our distribution networks that ensure proximity with customers, enable us to look to the future with passion and confidence.