AXENT 100.1

At the SIMA 2017, KUHN is launching the first trailed fertilizer spreader, which is able to apply precisely the right fertilizer rate on each side separately and spread both granular fertilizer and lime. In this way, the spreader represents a precise and modular solution for large cash crop farms, allowing carrying large quantities in its 9,400l hopper.

AXENT 100.1

Fertiliser spreader

Weighing on each disc


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The only spreader on the market fitted with independent left and right application rate regulation: the EMC system measures and adjusts the application rate on each disc every second.

GPS Contol : VARISPEAD Dynamic

One machine for spreading several products thanks to 2
spreading modules interchangeable in less than 10 minutes: AXIS PowerPack for precision spreading of fertiliser granules from 18 to 50 m; LIME PowerPack for spreading soil improvers (lime, wet bulk, organic fertiliser…).

Preserved cultivations with the steering axle that limits crushing crop on headlands and yield loss while ensuring improved ground following on slopes.