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The essentials KUHN, the best investment for my future.

Your challenges. Our priority.

The stakes of agriculture are increasingly high. How to be more productive while meeting the ever-stricter environmental standards and increase your economic performance?

KUHN is the partner of your future and as such, your challenges are our priority. The SIMA is an opportunity to present our solutions that will accompany you in the success of your company.

Here is a sneak preview of the machines and services to discover on our stand.

Mounted reversible plough


The new ploughing vision

KUHN is adding a new model to its range with the 4 to 6-bodied VARI-MASTER L, in order to adapt to the new range of compact 200 to 300 hp tractors. The MASTER L fills the gap between the MASTER 153 and the 183. This out-of-furrow version allows all the available tractors equipped with broad tyres or tracks to be used, whilst protecting the soil from compaction. Its unique design meets the 3 fundamental requirements of farmers in terms of ploughing: efficiency, comfort of use and quality of work.

Your benefits:

  • Exclusive: automatic body-lift system assisted by GPS with Smart Ploughing. A many times awarded innovation.
  • New offset kinematics aligns the plough perfectly for fuel savings and longer-lasting wear parts.
  • Patented adjustment of the angle of attack of the skimmers for better burial of residues.
  • The new arched beam reduces wheel overhang in order to optimise worked areas.

The key equipment:


Section Control in ploughing

KUHN continues to innovate by marketing the Smart Ploughing system as early as the fall 2019. This technique incorporates Control Section, a GPS-assisted automatic body lift system on a plough. This innovation has also received multiple international awards including a silver medal at the Agritechnica 2017.

The GPS-assisted automatic body lift on VARI MASTER L on-Land ploughs allows sequential entry of the bodies at the end of the plot through geolocation.

KUHN integrates the Control Section in the plough to automatically and individually lift each body through a system completely built in the plough itself. The lift is fully secured by GPS. The geolocation of the plough allows automating the points of entry and exit of the bodies in order to obtain uniform ploughing, regardless of the working conditions and the shape of the plot.

Seedbed preparator


Highly effective residue clearance

With a keen interest in increasing efficiency and maximising work output, KUHN offers a wide range of stubble cultivators including the PROLANDER, first tine cultivator in the KUHN range. With 5 rows of tines and a tine spacing of 15.5 cm, the PROLANDER offers the largest clearance in the market.

The Prolander adapts to various activities, from shallow stubble cultivation (2nd pass) to secondary tillage, through seedbed preparation.

Your benefits:

  • Increased output in plant residues: 5 rows of tines.
  • Time savings and fast adaptation to working conditions: continuous hydraulic working depth adjustment.
  • Versatility: from seedbed preparation to shallow stubble cultivation.

Seed drill for direct seeding


The answer today to tomorrow's challenges...

Since the years 2000, farming practices have evolved considerably up to the development of conservation agriculture. For different historical or economic reasons, ploughing is replaced in rotation by varying degrees of shallow tillage, so conservation agriculture includes both minimum tillage and direct seeding.

With over 40 years of experience in the field, KUHN launches the 6 m wide AUROCK 6000 R and AUROCK 6000 RC seed drills, equipped with triple discs for optimum establishment of crops under cover, in min-till systems or direct seeding.

Your benefits:

  • Modular: two types of opener discs for cutting and preparing the seeding line, integrated cutter roller for sowing in all types of cover, large-diameter wheel train in staggered position to work on tilled or min-tilled soil.
  • Triple-disc seeding unit mounted on parallelogram for optimum accuracy. Central pivot for delivering seeds in the furrow regardless of the slope.
  • ISOBUS as standard. The interface is user-friendly and intuitive. Automated headland turns and metering unit perfectly synchronized with the lifting of the independent sections.

The key equipment:


Make your life easier with universal tramlining

VISTAFLOW is an intelligent tramlining valve that monitors the passage of seeds inside the tubes. By equipping the seed drill’s distribution head with a tramlining VISTAFLOW valve on all rows, it allows achieving all tramlining rhythms as well as controlling the passage of the seeds in each row.

Precision seed drill


Discover e-precision

KUHN renews its range of pneumatic precision seed drills with MAXIMA 3. Focused on precision, quality and working comfort, these new seed drills will meet all of your needs to sow 6 to 12 rows.

Fitted with an electrically driven seeding unit, this new range offers the possibility of carrying out application rate modulation while seeding, adjusting the population from the cabin and shutting off rows by GPS.

With its optimised settings and increased robustness, the MAXIMA 3 models adapt to all conditions and to any type of cultivation.

Your benefits:

  • The best precision up to 10 km/h.
  • Optimum comfort of use: Thanks to optimised, intuitive and reproducible settings but also thanks to the patented STABIDRIVE solution that ensures exceptional transport stability.
  • Improved reliability and durability: The new MAXIMA 3 unit is even more robust.
  • Electric drive of the seeding unit with multiple advantages.

The key equipment:

Fertiliser and microgranulator

On the new MAXIMA 3 range, 3 types of hoppers are available to fertilise between 30 and 330 kg per hectare. Linked to these hoppers, you will also find different models of fertiliser applicators for all situations.

A centralised microgranulator is also available to allow accurate, regular and risk-free metering of insecticides, fertiliser or slug pellets, whether in the furrow or on the seeding line.

More precision with the electric drive

The electric drive of the new MAXIMA 3 seeding unit offers many benefits:

  • Adjustment of the seeding population from the tractor cab,
  • Application rate modulation that improves yields and varies the seeding density to correct the yield differences of your plots, regardless of crop,
  • GPS-controlled or manual row shut-off.

Fertiliser spreader


Pioneer in fertilisation precision

KUHN is constantly looking for the best technologies for the future. The EMC (Electronic Massflow Control) breaks with existing weighing models. This exclusive technology has the specificity of regulating the flow left and right every second independently.

The EMC technology is available throughout the fertilisation range. KUHN remains the pioneer of this ever-current innovation.

Your benefits:

  • The EMC (Electronic Mass Control) measures and adjusts the application rate on each disc every second.
  • SpeedServo: Made up of 4 electric motors 2.5 to 5 times faster than a conventional actuator for instant GPS application rate modulation.
  • GPS Control: VARISPREAD PRO, continuous section control at very high speed, 1 section per metre; OPTIPOINT determins the right spot for opening and closing the outlets for each fertiliser.
  • ISOBUS as standard, compatible with different ISOBUS terminals available on the market.


In the digital age, the Plant Institute ARVALIS is leading the DIGIFERME project to prepare for the future by testing all new technologies. They chose to use the AXIS fertiliser spreader in particular for right/left application rate modulation.

« It’s the precision we are seeking today. »

Delphine BOUTTET

Responsible of the DIGIFERM digital farm at Boigneville, France

The key equipment:

CCI 1200

All your information on one screen

  • Separate left/right modulation
  • Simultaneous display and monitoring of several machines
  • Simple and instantaneous browsing
  • Compatible with a biomass sensor
  • Connection of a joystick and a camera
  • Section Control, guidance assistance, application rate modulation and control per GPS as option
  • Colour anti-glare touchscreen of large size with 30.5 cm diagonal (12.1’’)

CCI 50

Compact and comprehensive

  • Colour touchscreen of diagonal 14.2 cm (5.6’’)
  • Compatible with a biomass sensor
  • Connection of a joystick and a camera
  • Section Control, guidance assistance, application rate modulation and control per GPS as option

Trailed sprayer


Precision to meet the environmental challenge

The new OCEANIS 5002, 5602, 6902 and 7702 sprayers with a tank capacity of 5,000 to 7,700 litres are evolving to constantly adapt to new market demands, mainly in terms of product application accuracy but also in terms of digital services associated with the machines.

Your benefits:

  • AUTOSPRAY: Precise drop size thanks to pulsed spraying, whatever the variations in groundspeed or application rate.
  • Spraying system MULTISPRAY with automatic nozzle selection and GPS-controlled nozzle by nozzle shut-off.
  • Secured incorporation with no risk of contact thanks to the EASY FLOW system.
  • Display of the rinsing circuit on the tractor terminal with DILUSET+ and e-SET owing to the ISOBUS regulation.


« Depending on the weather conditions, you select large drops, small drops or both, and off you go! »

Nicolas FUZEAU

Farmer with 280 ha of arable land in Chesnay (79), France

The key equipment:


Select the drop size at any speed

Fitted with the PWM (Pulse Witdh Modulation) technology, the intelligent jet holders of the AUTOSPRAY spraying system allow dissociating spraying pressure and nozzle flow. To achieve this performance, the spray flow is split into 20 micro pulses per second (20 Hertz), and the system controls the opening time of the micro pulses. In order to ensure excellent work coverage, the pulsing of the AUTOSPRAY jet holders are clocked in a staggered way along the boom.

High-density large square baler


Work with controlled costs

Due to climate changes, the transport of crops and crop residues will increase and regulations will be intensified in order to control the logistics. Square bales will play an important role, as they enable efficient logistics and crop handling.

With the development of the LSB 1290 iD, KUHN offers an intelligent and cost saving solution.

Equipped with a double plunger TwinPact, it allows increasing the bale density up to 25% with a bale of conventional size.

Your benefits:

  • Economical: only 200 hp to form bales of 500 kg.
  • Efficient: use of the INTEGRAL rotor ensuring consistent and optimum forage flow in all conditions to the pre-chamber.
  • Valuable: easy to maintain and well protected by its three cam-type limiter, everything is optimized to reduce maintenance operations.
  • Simple: fully ISOBUS compatible with handy configurations and adjustments.

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